Sunday, February 25, 2018



Robert Henige - author and literary consultant





Bob has been creatively writing since hign school.  His lifelong passion for writing while growing up on the mean streets of northeast Detroit has culminated in the authorship of several books, most notably Ned's, The Redemption of Mr. Ben, and Fantastic Sports Stuff.

In addition to writing, Bob functions as a literary consultant, aiding aspiring authors in the skills of creative writing, editing, and advising new authors in the nuances of the publishing world.

Bob currently lives with his wife of twenty-eight years, Laura, in Sterling Heights, Michigan.  They look forward to the frequent visits from their four sons.  His oldest son, Robert, lives in Waxhaw, North Carolina, and is a project manager for a major bank.  Timothy and Mason attend college at Central Michigan University and Scot attends Macomb Community College.

“I don’t even think of retirement,” said Bob.  “With today’s tuition costs, how can I?”

Bob was born and raised in Detroit and remains a Michigan resident to this day.

“The Detroit area has so much to offer.  Great sports teams.  Great food.  While so many people complain about Michigan weather, I love it.  Just about the time I tire of one season, along comes a change.”

Bob has stayed true to his roots as an author.  Ned’s is an autobiographical account of his involvement in the gambling subculture as a youth in 1970s Detroit.  The Redemption of Mr. Ben is a fictional account of life on the streets in downtown Detroit.  His upcoming publication, Fantastic Sports Stuff, is a unique look at Michigan sports trivia.

Bob caught his first break when an acquaintance at the Farmington Hills YMCA passed along a copy of Ned’s to the owner of an e-commerce company.  This company now markets all of Bob's literary works.


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