Saturday, February 24, 2018
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RedemptionBookNewThe Redemption of Mr. Ben - Synopsis


The Redemption of Mr. Ben is a gritty and deeply moving fictional tale of life on the streets of downtown Detroit.  The story revolves around five individuals whose lives become unexplainably linked and permanently affected during the course of a day during the holiday season.  Each chapter contains a narrative of the story along with the character’s inner thoughts, giving the reader a unique and powerful insight to their frustration and pain.  The Redemption of Mr. Ben doesn't simply tell a story.  It allows the reader to experience what the characters suffer as they trudge through another day of loneliness and disillusion over what their lives have become.

The Redemption of Mr. Ben portrays the demeaning life of the indigent; the savage and degrading world of hookers, johns and pimps; and the crime and dereliction associated with a heartless urban landscape.

The bum craves a life of sobriety and a way to make amends for past failures as he deals with his repulsive existence.  The hooker longs for a normal life, away from the humiliating and cruel world of prostitution.  The punk tries his best to cope with a meaningless existence and to avoid resorting to violence as a means of survival.  The pimp spreads terror and violence to those around him.  The good priest, dedicated and determined in his calling, battles through major self-doubts that threaten the very foundation of his faith.

As the story unfolds, each character undergoes a life-altering incident as their parallel lives become intertwined in a way none of them could ever have imagined.  They ask themselves how this could have happened to them and they dream of how they can escape from their horrific situation.

Interview with Bob Henige from the Warren Public Library




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