Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Welcome to the Bob Henige Web Site

We are working diligently towards the publication of "Deliberate Injustice-The Wrongful Conviction of Ken Wyniemko." It now looks like a mid-September to late-September publish date. Thanks to everyone who inquired. We appreciate your patience.

In 1994, Kenny was convicted of a brutal rape and sentenced to 40 years in jail.  There was one problem.  Kenny was innocent.  In 2003, after nearly a decade in prison, Kenny was exonerated through DNA testing with the assistance of the newly formed Innocence Project of Michigan at the Cooley Law School,,.  Five years after his release, the actual rapist was identified.

Deliberate Injustice - The Wrongful Conviction of Ken Wyniemko is the true story about Kenny's journey from convicted rapist to advocate and spokesperson for the wrongfully convicted.  He has spoken in dozens of venues; Law Schools at Harvard and the University of Michigan, in front of the Michigan State Legislature, on numerous TV and radio shows, and many more.  His story is truly an inspiration.

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Interview with Bob Henige from the Warren Public Library




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